Someone set Mike Brown’s Memorial on fire in the middle of the Night

Residents are rebuilding another memorial.

FERGUSON • One of two Michael Brown memorials burned overnight, though it’s not clear how.

Memorial items near a post along the street burned. However, a larger memorial in the middle of Canfield Drive, marking the spot where Brown died, is several feet away and was not damaged by fire.

For weeks, burning candles have been part of the memorials near the shooting site on Canfield Drive, but it was unclear if the fire at the roadside memorial was set or an accident. One photo showed an empty, overturned votive candle next to the burn site.

Some residents of the area were upset, claiming the fire was set by someone in the pre-dawn hours early Tuesday and that they smelled gasoline in the aftermath.

Many on Tuesday morning had gathered on Canfield Drive, which police had closed. Some were rebuilding the memorial with a blanket and a new collection of teddy bears and other stuffed animals next to the soot-stained pole.


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